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Men and women throughout New York City can get minimally invasive and noninvasive medical treatments to enhance the appearance and health of their skin. As a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, Anita Dormer, MD specializes in custom beauty and skin care treatments. Her practice, Dr. Anita Medical Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine, is centrally located in the Upper East Side.

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  • I always appreciate the personal and individual attention the Doc provides.

    rondi rossmore · Google review
    February 2019

    We are working on a receding chin; her superb knowledge of options and her extensive experience made deciding on a plan easy and I’m confident that I will be happy with the results.

  • I have been going to Dr.Dormer for eight years.

    Claudia G. · Google review
    December 2018

    As I’ve aged, she has known exactly what to do to keep me looking fresh and glowing-never overdone! In October she did Ulthera on me and the results are spectacular. Everyone is asking me about my skin! Botox, fillers, ulthera, laser, she can do it all and does it all with such efficiency always rendering a gorgeous and natural result. Just thrilled with her work! You will be too!!

  • Karin L. - I started PRP for hair loss about a year and a half ago.

    Karin L · Google review
    November 2018

    I am so ecstatic about the results! When my daughter's stared swooshing my hair in the back to cover the sparse areas and I decided to get bangs for the front, I knew I had to do something. 4 treatments of PRP has filled in the crown and front of my hair. It even has shine and curls like I had in high school. Worth every penny. Dr. Anita Dormer's care, concern and encouragement is truly awesome.

  • I have been going to Dr. Anita Dormer for over 15 years and I can say without doubt that Dr. Dormer is truly amazing at injecting Botox.

    Clare Barry · Google review
    November 2018

    Dr. Dormer takes the time to analyze one's face and will inject Botox with such skill that one's face is lifted. I particularly like the eyebrow lift that I receive. Dr. Dormer also suggests a further visit two weeks after the initial injections to establish if further injections are needed (no charge for the follow up visit). Dr. Dormer also expertly performs a PRP treatment (platelet-rich plasma) which is amazing and definitely produces results. Dr. Dormer is a very warm, genuine person who cares about her patients and their wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend a consultation with Dr. Dormer.

  • I've been seeing Dr. Dormer since 2009. You won't find a more skilled person for Botox and other injectables.

    Claudia M. · Yelp review
    November 2018

    Dr. Dormer looks at the entirety of you and...

AnzoloMed Rating by Procedure

Procedure Rank in New York Rank in NY Rank in US
Botox 16 19
Brazilian Butt Lift 9 10 101
Fillers 6 9 176
Hyperpigmentation 1 1
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers 1 1
belotero 3 4
Nutritional Supplements 1 1
Juvederm 7 8 189
Kybella 9 11
All Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Lasers 6 8
Laser Hair Removal 3 4 163
Laser Vein Removal 1 1
Latisse 2 2 64
Photo Dynamic Therapy 1 1
Neuromodulators 1 1 10
PDO Threadlifting 1 1
Photorejuvenation 1 1
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) 7 9
Sclerotherapy 3 3
Ultherapy 5 5
Acne 9 5 92
Melasma 2 2
Moles 2 2 17
Rosacea 1 33 3 42
Skin Tags 1 1
Wrinkles 7 6 64
Varicose Veins 1 1
Scars 3 3
Sagging Skin 1 1
Hyperhidrosis 3 3
Chin Augmentation 9 8
Stretch Marks 3 3
Birthmarks 1 1