Karlee Heffner, NMD

Plastic surgeon

  • Scottsdale , AZ

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Dr. Karleé Heffner, NMD is a licensed physician with a passion for aesthetics and making every patient feel comfortable and welcomed.

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  • Aging is a terrifying part of life, but what's even scarier is finding someone who you can trust do injectables.

    Meribah Ratliff · Google review
    March 2019

    I was beyond lucky to have met Dr. Elizabeth Nikolic a few years ago, and I have had my injections done with her ever since. Every 5 to 6 months I have her do my botox injections and Juvederm lip filler, and she is the only person I trust to complete these invasive procedures. Cosmetic anything has become an oversaturated market and what sets Dr. Nik apart is she actually cares about making sure I look my best NATURALLY. She is honest and sincere to ensure that I enhance my natural beauty and not cover it. Not only is she professional and honest, but she is also such a beautiful person inside and out. She is very personal and kind every time I visit and I would consider her a friend, not just a Dr. Furthermore, everyone I have encountered in Skin Savvy Aesthetics is friendly, patient, and welcoming every time I come to my appointment. I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for an amazing experience with excellent results.

  • I have been going here for about a year now.

    Delia Chatwin · Google review
    November 2018

    They are so friendly & so accommodating. The customer service is phenomenal. Any time I need to get in, they are always quick to figure out a time to squeeze me in!

    I felt compelled to write a review after my experience with the new doctor, Dr. Nikolic. She was amazing! Made the process very smooth for me & constantly was checking in to make sure I was feeling ok throughout my treatment. I have no bruising & am healing so quickly already. She obviously knows what she’s doing & is good at it! At first I was a little reluctant to see a new doctor after seeing Dr. Heffner for the past year (who is also phenomenal), but I’m so glad I did. Both doctors here are AMAZING and I would highly recommend them for your skincare/beauty needs! (Especially lip filler 😏)

    Thank you guys! You’re the best!

  • Dr. Heffner is incredible.

    Carmella Goslar · Google review
    August 2018

    I looked and checked around extensively before deciding to go to Skin Savvy. When I arrived the staff was delightful and Dr. Heffner herself was so lovely. I really appreciated how honest she was, not pushy, snooty or rude in the slightest. After an experience elsewhere that left me in tears Dr. Heffner was a breath of fresh air. My procedure turned out beautifully, I’ve already made another appointment and have referred all of my girlfriends. Thank you Dr. Heffner!!

  • I've been going to this office for years now.

    Trent H. · Yelp review
    August 2018

    Dr. Heffner is the best at what she does. She makes the experience really convenient and comfortable. Always...

  • I’m a medspa newbie and am so happy I choose to go to Dr. Heffner.

    Jennifer Diaz · Google review
    August 2018

    The most I’ve ever had done to my face have been facials and eyebrow microblading, so When I decided it was time to try dermal fillers in my tear troughs, I spent a lot of time doing online research and reading reviews. Dr. Heffner was so nice and answered my questions online before I even booked with her. She was even more sweet in person. I feel like she took the time to explain everything to me, made sure I felt comfortable and answered all of my questions. I also appreciate that she suggested we take it slow, and start with one syringe so as not to overfill and make my eyes look puffy or worse. It has only been two days and I’m already so happy with my results. I can’t wait to see how they shape up over the next couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to following up!

AnzoloMed Rating by Procedure

Procedure Rank in Scottsdale Rank in AZ Rank in US
Botox 13 20 783
Body Contouring 7 15
Radiesse 4 35 8 241
Kybella 7 20 410
Juvederm 2 3 135
Microneedling 7 20 76
Laser Treatment 1 1 83
Hair Restoration 1 4 73
Perfect Peel 1 1 1