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Dr. Megan Dreveskracht is a board-certified plastic surgeon, member of the Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons and a candidate-member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Almost immediately, she began attracting patients with her candor, compassion, and dedication to providing her patients with the best possible surgical outcomes.

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  • Megan Dreveskracht did my top surgery (I鈥檓 a trans guy) and my chest looks absolutely PHENOMENAL, I鈥檝e never been so comfortable with my body and my scars healed up very nicely!

    Calvin Williams Google review
    May 2019

    My dysphoria is at an all time low and my mental health is at an all time high 馃槉
    She was super super sweet (we even had a tearful moment together after she operated on me, what a wonderful person) and you can tell she does this because she genuinely cares about the trans community.
    Fantastic staff, very respectful, never misgendered me. Over all an incredible experience.

  • The staff are very welcoming and easy to work with and coordinate timing.

    Martha G.Yelp review
    April 2019

    Maya is excellent in injections! A big thank you to all of them. Keep up the good...

  • I had top surgery here two years ago.

    Alex kent Google review
    March 2019

    To this day, I鈥檓 still so happy with the results. The team took fabulous care of me, answering all of my questions and making me feel comfortable.

  • Got my top surgery here.

    Jay Google review
    March 2019

    Fantastic results (looks like a man's chest!). Good reception and friendly doctors. Wonderful place.

  • Don't believe any of the positive reviews, they must have been written by Dr. Mangubat himself!. Honestly, I went to this doctor and I have never been so unhappy with a procedure in my life.. I wasted my money going to him.

    Jamie Sessions Google review
    February 2019

    He did his assessment on me. He didn't take my recommendations into account at all. Terrible bed side manner, didn't listen to what I wanted. He was the cheapest out of all the surgeons and my gut instinct was to go with somebody different because now I will need to get the work Mangubat did on me corrected . ._-

AnzoloMed Rating by Procedure

Procedure Rank in Tukwila Rank in WA Rank in US
Breast Lift 2 1 11 455
Breast Augmentation 2 1 2 21 543
Breast Reduction 2 1 9 396
Tummy Tuck 2 35 364
Liposuction 5 538
Facelift 1 18 558
Eyelid Surgery 4 2 6 433