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VASER® Lipo in Denver, Colorado

VASER® lipo, often referred to as “high-definition” liposuction, is a minimally invasive procedure focused on body contouring, which was developed to address some of the limitations of existing liposuction techniques.

The procedure allows surgeons to remove fat more comprehensively, making it different from other liposuction options that are restricted to removing deep fat only.

About VASER® Lipo

It is effective in targeting areas where excess fat has collected that can’t be shifted with exercise or healthy eating.

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VASER® High Def Liposuction, often referred to as VASER® Lipo, is an in-office cosmetic surgical procedure designed to target these unwanted changes, particularly the abdomen, flanks, waistline, back, buttocks and leg areas. An effective VASER® Lipo procedure offers spectacular body contouring all the way around the torso.

High-definition body contouring transforms a patient’s body by removing persistent fat deposits while keeping excess fat and skin in balance. VASER® stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance and uses specialized ultrasound technology to break down fat cells by emitting ultrasonic waves at a specific frequency.

You can expect sculpting around the musculature for an athletic look. The treatment can be specifically tailored to your body to enhance existing muscles resulting in a natural, toned appearance. With VASER® Liposuction, muscles aren’t sculpted out of the fat, but rather the appearance of the target area is enhanced by sculpting around certain muscles. Incisions are typically small and not noticeable, and the treatment itself lasts between one and two hours.

What are the Pros and Cons of HD Lipo?

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  • The procedure offers excellent body contouring results
  • Patients recover faster because the procedure is gentler on the body compared to traditional liposuction and results in minimal bruising and a faster recovery time.
  • More natural-looking results particularly for ‘love handles’ and the upper back, where it can be difficult to achieve smooth results with traditional liposuction
  • For stubborn fat that won’t shift, regardless of exercise or diet, VASER® Lipo helps to achieve a natural contour
  • Results are permanent as the fat cells are removed
  • Downtime is usually under a week (compared to two weeks with traditional liposuction)

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  • It can take a long time for the swelling to subside completely (up to a few months)
  • There is some risk of scar tissue forming
  • If you gain weight after the procedure, the fat cells remaining in the treatment area can expand

Frequently Asked Questions for VASER® Lipo in Denver, CO

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  • What is VASER® Liposuction?

    This body contouring procedure uses ultrasound technology to effectively melt fat. As a body sculpting technique, it allows the surgeon to remove unwanted fat surrounding the patient’s muscles without impacting the muscles themselves, resulting in a more toned, athletic appearance. It’s designed to contour the body, reducing excess fat.

    VASER® stands for “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance”. The patented ultrasound technology removes not only the deep layer of fat but also includes superficial layers. It is the technique of choice for many plastic surgeons as it results in less swelling, pain and downtime.

  • How is VASER® liposuction different from traditional liposuction and other lipo procedures?

    Superficial fat layers are attached with strong ligaments and compartmentalized into blocks that cannot be penetrated by traditional liposuction cannulas. VASER® technology is different in that the superficial fat cells can be first emulsified, then removed using specialized cannulas (grooved hollow tubes that suck out the fat). The advancements mean the cannulas don’t impact or damage the ligaments in any way.

    Other liposuction methods that are done using a local anesthetic (such as Smart lipo, Slim lipo, Laser lipo and traditional lipo) are more limited in the amount of fat that can be removed and therefore can’t offer the same sculpted results of HD Lipo.

  • How is VASER® liposuction done?

    The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthetic and will depend on the complexity of the surgery, the number of areas to be treated, as well as the surgeon’s preference.

    Step 1 - Saline and Local Anesthetic

    Prior to the treatment, the treatment area will be filled with a solution that contains saline and local anesthetic administered through small incisions. This numbs the area and shrinks the blood vessels in order to reduce bruising and minimize blood loss. The solution fills the area, making it easier to target and break up fatty tissue with the system’s ultrasound energy.

    Step 2 – VASER® Ultrasound

    The VASER® ultrasound transmits sound energy through a small probe that breaks up and emulsifies fatty tissue on contact. Importantly, it preserves the surrounding tissues. The probe targets deep and superficial fat for a smooth finish.

    Step 3 – Removal of Liquified Fat

    After the ultrasound, the liquified fat is removed using cannulas with a gentle suction, which minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue.

    If it is done with a general anesthetic, using VASER® technology, the surgeon will gently melt and suction away unwanted fat. Then, they will use a Cool Helium skin tightening procedure to “shrinkwrap” loose or excess skin. The two procedures can be performed at the same time, making the liposuction treatment as efficient and effective as possible. Patients can achieve their body sculpting goals in a single completely safe, minimally invasive procedure.

    VASER® lipo completely removes fat cells throughout the deep and superficial layers. Sometimes referred to as ‘liposculpting’, the surgeon contours the body for natural-looking results and optimal muscle definition. Because VASER® combines surgical skill with artistic mastery, it is critical to work with an experienced surgeon with years of experience in VASER® and an in-depth understanding of muscle anatomy and how fat accumulation happens in the body.

  • What body areas can VASER® lipo treat?

    VASER® lipo is most commonly used to treat the abdomen, buttocks, hips, back, love handles, thighs, and knees. It can be used effectively to target most body parts that need treating.

  • What are the complications of VASER® lipo?

    As with other types of surgery, possible complications can arise. To minimize the risks, the amount of weight removed during one session is limited to 4 to 5% of the patient’s body weight. Removing too much fat can be dangerous for the patient’s health, leading to contour irregularities, burns, seromas, and abnormal results that are difficult to correct. There is also a risk of infection and bleeding and swelling after the surgery. It is essential to keep in mind that VASER® lipo is a cosmetic procedure and does not remove visceral fat from around the body organs, which contributes to an increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

  • Do I need anesthesia to get VASER® HD lipo?

    VASER® liposuction is done under either local or general anesthetic, depending on the number of treatment areas and the complexity of the procedure. VASER® lipo under general anesthetic allows the surgeon to remove all of the unwanted fat. For the six-pack look that VASER® lipo offers, it is often necessary to suction all excess fat deposits which causes irritation of the sensory nerves, and therefore requires general anesthesia.

    If a local anesthetic such as Lidocaine is used, the amount of fatty tissue that can be removed is limited by a maximum lidocaine dosage. Lidocaine toxicity can lead to serious complications and is, therefore, something that is monitored closely by the surgeon and the anesthetist.

  • What is the recovery time for VASER® lipo? When can I return to normal activities?

    Most patients report some pain around the treatment area between two and five days after the procedure. In most cases, this can be reduced with the help of painkillers, but it is advisable to take five days off work to recover. After five days, you are likely to experience a dull ache for up to a month. It is possible to have some bruising and swelling which can be minimized by following our aftercare instructions.

  • How long before I see the final result?

    Although you will be back to your routine in under a week, it can take up to six weeks before you see the full effects of the surgery. In rare cases, it may take a few months for the swelling to subside completely.

  • How much fat can be removed in a treatment session?

    The amount of fatty tissue that can be safely removed depends on several factors, including the patient’s health, weight, and body fat percentage, as well as the amount of local anesthetic that can be safely administered.

  • Who is a good candidate for VASER® liposuction?

    Almost anyone can benefit from VASER® liposuction if they have unwanted fat accumulation, it’s a procedure that offers good results for both men and women. To get the best results, patients should be close to their ideal body weight as they will notice pronounced muscle definition after the procedure. They should also have durable skin tone and a healthy lifestyle. That lifestyle will need to be maintained after the procedure as VASER® does not help with weight loss. For patients who have skin redundancy, it may be necessary to undergo an additional skin tuck procedure.

    It’s an excellent option if you would like to lose a few inches from around your thighs, waist, or hips, if you would like to tighten loose skin after losing weight, or if you would like to improve muscle definition.

    The treatment will not be a good fit if you are not in good health, and you will be at a higher risk of complications compared to a healthy person. The risks are higher if you have a medical history that includes a heart condition, bleeding disorders, blood clots, or immunodeficiency disorders. Additionally, if you take certain medications that increase your risk of bleeding such as anticoagulants, then VASER® Liposuction is not safe. You will need to stop any medication that impacts the metabolism of the anesthetic at least two weeks prior to surgery. If you do not have good skin elasticity, the surgery will result in a slightly wrinkled looking skin which may impact your decision.

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot have VASER® Lipo.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Usually, only a single appointment is needed. However, in some cases, an additional session will optimize results and is a safer option than performing the procedure in a single session at the risk of overly aggressive liposuction.

  • Are the results permanent?

    After your VASER® Lipo, you will lose weight as the fat is removed. As long any weight gain that you experience is less than 5% of your body weight (or if you are prone to weight gain in a specific area), any new weight gain will likely be evenly and proportionally distributed over your whole body.

  • What are the costs of VASER® Lipo?

    The cost of the surgery in Denver, CO is dependent on the time needed for the procedure. This takes into account the number of treatment areas and how much work is needed in each area. In general, the cost is $5,000 per treatment area, and if there is customization needed, the cost will be higher.

  • What other procedures can be combined with VASER® Lipo?

    During your initial consultation, you will receive a thorough examination, including your skin. In some cases, VASER® Lipo may not be the best option, especially if you have excessive overhang or extreme skin laxity. In these cases, a ‘tummy tuck’ may be a better option. The right procedure depends on the patient and in some cases, where traditional Liposuction was not an option due to skin issues, VASER® Lipo can be the right choice.

    Your surgical plan may include several techniques that are combined to achieve the desired contouring outcomes. In addition to VASER® liposuction, tucking procedures and skin tightening may be needed. The strategic skin tucks eliminate skin redundancy, and Renuvion technology tightens excess skin, reducing the need for incisions.

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