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  • Homewood , AL

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  • Dr. Hughey found melanoma on my Father’s back during a check on another condition.

    a stewart · Google review
    March 2019

    I can’t thank her enough for her funding and removing the cancer.

    Dr. Cherry is my doctor and has always been so sweet and caring on top of being a gifted physician. She’s always given me excellent advise on a myriad of issues.

  • As a patient with a history of skin cancer, I am so grateful for the thorough and professional care I receive at Renew Dermatology.

    Cindy Westbrook · Google review
    March 2019

    I have found Dr. Lauren Hughey to be caring, kind, and very invested in my health. I have also been well pleased with the staff of Renew Dermatology. They are always helpful, cheerful, and dedicated to the highest standards of patient care and service.

  • All of the doctors and nurses are absolutely so wonderful!

    Kennedy Carlisle · Google review
    February 2019

    They make you feel so comfortable. The ladies at the check-in desk are so friendly and fun! The interior decor of their new space is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t recommend this place enough!!

  • Renew is a beautiful dermatology centrally located!

    Hannah Browdy · Google review
    February 2019

    I have the best experience every time I go. Dr. Curl is so knowledgeable and always so accommodating. Their staff is so friendly and always helpful when it comes to booking you an appointment that fits around your schedule! I will never go anywhere else now that Renew is here!

  • What a wonderful dermatology office!

    Bonnie Concordia · Google review
    February 2019

    Such a beautiful and well located space. From the time you arrive until you are done the experience is outstanding!
    First I can't say enough about the staff who work there. The girls at the desk are so welcoming and friendly. The nurses are professional, confident and comforting. You feel like they really enjoy their jobs and are such a team!
    The 3 doctors are completely dedicated to each and every patient as an individual. I have seen Dr. Hughey and Dr. Curl. With each visit I felt like they really took the time to listen to my concerns and made me feel at easy right from the beginning. They gave me good information on options best suited for me. I didn't feel rushed or like I was "just another patient". Without a doubt an amazing practice!!

AnzoloMed Rating by Procedure

Procedure Rank in Homewood Rank in AL Rank in US
Botox 2 16 812
Dysport 1 2 10 95
Acne 1 3 76
Molluscum 1 2 25
Psoriasis 1 2 17
Rosacea 1 1 27
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) 2 1 87
All Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Lasers 19
Restylane 1 11 20 105
Sculptra 1 6 15 58
Forever Young BBL 2
Halo Treatment 1 1 19
Juvederm 1 5 155
Voluma 1 2 116
Eczema 1 1 18
Skin Cancer 2 3 58
Warts 1 1 66
Fillers 2 105
Microneedling 2 8 79
Hyperhidrosis 1 1 1
PRP Hair Restoration 1
Volbella 1 2 1
Juvederm Ultra 1
Vbeam 1 1 2 1