M. Eugene Moor, MD

Plastic surgeon

  • Mountain Brook , AL

About Me

I visualize in my mind the final aesthetic result before I begin a procedure and my goal is to provide the finest quality plastic surgery, using techniques that have been proven over time. I always use the most advanced techniques and procedures and make sure that these have been really proven helpful and beneficial. I strive for the highest quality in surgical care under the safest possible conditions and I believe in safe, hospital based, affordable and confidential surgery.

I perform most all of my surgeries in accredited, state licensed hospitals in Birmingham, Alabama, always being mindful that such hospitals have all the accredited safety resources available should an emergency ever present itself. In my hospital operating room, my patient's anesthesia is always supervised by a board certified anesthesiologist physician.

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  • Dr. Moor and his staff are amazing.

    Lavon Allen · Google review
    May 2019

    I had breast augmentation and liposuction (abdomen-had this small amount of stubborn fat) and could not be more pleased. It has only been three weeks but I am already in love. He is always available to answer questions and is genuinely concerned about how you feel and what you think is best for YOUR body. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve and he nailed it for me. I love that! If I decided to "Upgrade" some more then it will be with Dr. Moor.

  • Dr. Moore is a wonderful person and doctor.

    Rachell Hall · Google review
    April 2019

    He ensures that everything is taken care of and that you as a patient is doing well. He explains everything to you before the surgery.

  • Dr. Moor is the absolute BEST! He has helped me began my transformation into the new me.

    vakeshia ellison · Google review
    February 2019

    It was the end of the year last year and everyone in the city seemed too booked to help me. I called the office and Dr. Moor called me back personally to let me know he would take care of me. From that moment forward, I knew he was the one! I have gained confidence in ways I didn't think were possible. His bedside manner is top notch and the fact he has YEARS of experience makes me feel so comfortable. His staff is as amazing as he is. I highly recommend!

  • I went to Dr. Moor for a breast reduction 7 years ago.

    Tammy Williams · Google review
    January 2019

    I had no complaints whatsoever! I’ve recommended him numerous times since then to friends and immediate family members. I highly recommend Dr. Moor!

  • Dr. Moor is an amazing man and surgeon.

    Erin Lowe · Google review
    August 2018

    He works so well and makes sure you are okay every step of the way through pre-surgery, surgery, recovery, and post-surgery. I have loved every minute of being his patient and I would recommend him to anyone!!

AnzoloMed Rating by Procedure

Procedure Rank in Mountain Brook Rank in AL Rank in US
Abdominoplasty 2 13 133
Botox 1 7 802
Liposuction 1 11 210
Arm Lift 1 5 307
Thigh Lift 1 3 278
Lower Body Lift 2 3 67
Body Contouring 1 3
Breast Augmentation 1 4 229
Breast Lift 2 6 230
Male Breast Reduction 1 4 87
Breast Reconstruction 1 1 281
Brow Lift 1 2 173
Facelift 1 12 259
Neck Lift 1 8 355
Rhinoplasty 2 8 392
Otoplasty 1 7 164
Post-Bariatric Body Contouring 1 1 30
Mommy Makeover 1 5 118
Eyelid Lift 1 2 104
Hand Rejuvenation 1 4 78
Skin Cancer 1 4 53
Brachioplasty 1 3 53
Panniculectomy 1 1 3
Breast Revision 1 4
Breast Implants 2 4 26
Temporal Lift 1 1 1
Fat Injections 1 1 1