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Brazilian Butt Lift in New York, New York

Feeling happy and comfortable in your body is important, and an attractive butt is part of that.

You may have tried dieting or targeted exercise to enhance your buttocks, but you may not be able to overcome genetics or aging to get the results you want. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an option that may improve your contours. By taking fat from other areas of your body and transferring it to your buttocks, a BBL improves the shape and size of your backside.

BBL is a popular cosmetic procedure that may improve your body’s proportions and aesthetic balance, providing a more toned, rounded shape. With BBL surgery by a registered, skilled cosmetic surgeon, the specialized fat transfer techniques may deliver the results that you desire.

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What Determines Butt Shape and Size?

Butt shape and size is determined by your skeletal structure and how your body stores fat, and genetics play an important role in both of these characteristics.

While healthy eating and regular exercise can offer improvements, many men and women live with ‘flat’ buttocks. BBL helps overcome genetics by enhancing the curves of your lower body. A secondary benefit of the procedure is reducing fat deposits elsewhere on your body, such as your hips, thighs, or stomach.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL surgery continues to grow in popularity as a low-risk surgery that produces natural-looking, long-lasting results.

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The surgery originated in Rio de Janeiro, and over 24,000 BBL procedures are performed every year in the United States.

Also known as a gluteoplasty, BBL is a preferred method for reshaping the buttocks with fat transfers. Although it is possible to use implants for a butt lift, BBL surgery is usually the preferred option as it is less invasive, and offers more rounded, natural results.

BBL offers the dual benefits of removing fat from unwanted areas, such as the hips, stomach, waist, and love handles. Very little fat is required for the BBL. If you are happy with these areas of your body, the removal of fat will not make any noticeable difference. Once harvested, the body fat is injected into the buttock area to refine and reshape the posterior. The new fat adds shape, contour, and lift to the buttocks.

Because the procedure uses your body’s own fat stores as a filler, the results are long-lasting, lasting up to seven years.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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  • Precise injections of fat produce natural-looking results
  • More roundness compared to silicone buttock implants
  • Addresses sagging and shapelessness associated with aging 
  • Fat harvesting with liposuction may contour the waist, thighs, stomach, and other areas of your body
  • Improves balance and proportions of the body
  • Low risk of infection when the procedure is done correctly
  • Uses your own fat, so there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection by the body
  • Minimal scarring from the liposuction for harvesting, usually in places that are easily hidden
  • Long-lasting results if weight is maintained 
  • High satisfaction rating 
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  • Side effects may include infection, scarring, and pain
  • There may be lumps under the skin at both the donor and graft site
  • Potential deadly fat embolism in the heart or lungs
  • May not give the intended results – the body may break down and absorb up to 40% of the injected fat
  • Improper surgical techniques increase the risk of the surgery
  • Sufficient fat stores in other areas of the body are required for harvesting
  • Full recovery may take one month or longer
  • Revision surgery may be needed to correct lumps, dents, slumping, and fat absorption

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about buttocks enhancement in New York, NY

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  • How long does a Brazilian Butt Lift last?

    Depending on the individual, the results of a BBL are generally long-lasting. If your body absorbs the injected fat, the results may not be as noticeable or long-lasting. It may take one or two procedures to achieve the results you want. The fat cells that remain four months after your surgery are permanent.

    You can improve the results of your BBL procedure by following the post-surgery instructions carefully. The area needs to heal completely. Maintain a healthy weight. Any gain or loss may affect the longevity of your BBL procedure.

    BBL does not stop the natural aging process. Your buttocks may start to sag due to lost skin elasticity and shifts in body fat.

    Your surgeon explains how to maintain the results of your BBL for as long as possible. 

  • What happens during Brazilian butt lift surgery?

    BBL surgery can take two to four hours, depending on the technique that your surgeon uses and the degree of enhancement. 

    The surgeon starts by marking areas of your body for fat harvesting, as well as the general location of the fat injections. Photographs may be taken for a before-and-after comparison.

    BBL surgery is performed under anesthesia. In some cases, it may be done with a local anesthesia if you need only a small amount of buttock enhancement.

    The surgeon starts the procedure with liposuction to remove fat from the donor area of your body. Epinephrine, saltwater, and lidocaine is injected in the area to minimize bleeding and bruising. Small incisions are made in the skin, and a thin tube is inserted through the incision to harvest the fat.

    The fat is purified to extract the healthiest cells for transfer, and the fat is put into syringes or vibrating cannula (a thin tube). The surgeon injects the processed fat into areas of the buttocks just below the surface of your skin into the subcutaneous layer above the fascia. A skillful surgeon ensures that specific areas are enhanced to create a rounded, full look. In most cases, between 3 and 5 injections are made to sculpt the buttocks. The fat is injected in layers.

    A compression garment is placed around the area after the injections to hold the fat in place and reduce swelling and bleeding.

  • Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    Your surgeon will take a medical history and do a physical examination to determine if BBL is a good option for you. In general, a good candidate is someone who is at a healthy weight, leads a healthy lifestyle (including regular exercise), and doesn’t have a history of certain medical conditions. Additionally, you need to have sufficient fat stores on your body for harvesting. 

    BBL is not recommended for men and women who have loose or sagging skin in the buttock area, or those who have excessively flat buttocks. 

  • How much recovery time is needed?

    You will need to have someone drive you home after the surgery, and they should stay with you for the first 24 hours. Ideally, have someone stay with you for the first week after the procedure. You may need prescription pain medication, and you will not be able to drive. 

    Expect to experience moderate post-operative pain that feels similar to muscular soreness, especially when sitting. 

    Recovery after surgery takes approximately six weeks. During the first two weeks, you will need to avoid sitting and will need to sleep either on your side or stomach. You should avoid sleeping on your back for at least two months. Only sleep on your side if you are sure that you won’t roll over onto your back. Putting pillows behind your back and in front of your stomach can help you stay on your side while sleeping.

    After a week or so, you will be able to start moving around comfortably. You should be able to return to work after two weeks. You should only start exercising after eight weeks if you have been cleared by your surgeon.

  • Can you sit after BBL surgery?

    Any pressure on the injected fat cells may affect the results of your BBL. The cells are vulnerable to shifting and dying. Blood vessels need to develop in the new cells to help them survive. Sitting may compress the area and prevent the development of the blood vessels. Avoid sitting and lying on your back for at least three weeks. During the fourth week, you can sit and lay on your back, but only when necessary.

    For driving and other activities, you will need to be cleared by your surgeon. You may need to use a special donut-shaped pillow for a few weeks.

  • When will the results be visible?

    Your buttocks will look fuller immediately after a BBL. Some of the changes to size and shape are due to swelling. Expect to lose approximately 40% of the transferred fat cells. You may need revision surgery to replace the lost cells and refine the results of your BBL. Some asymmetry, as well as bumps and dents, should be expected, and this is another reason why you may need a second series of fat injections. After four to six months, you will see the full results of the procedure, and the fat cells are permanent.

  • Should you gain or lose weight before the procedure?

    This depends on your current weight and your ideal healthy body weight. If you are overweight, you may need to lose some pounds before you can have the surgery. In most cases, it helps to be your ideal weight or a few pounds over so you have sufficient fat deposits for harvesting. Keep in mind, though, that once you have the surgery, you will need to stay at a steady weight to preserve the results.

  • How much does the surgery cost?

    The cost of the BBL procedure varies significantly across [STATE], and it differs from person to person. The cost is based on several factors, such as your goals, the surgeon who performs the procedures, and other factors. On average, a BBL costs between $5,000 and $8,000 for surgeon fees and other fees, such as anesthesia, aftercare, and a hospital stay.

    Do your research deciding to have a BBL. Choose a board-certified surgeon who specializes in the surgery. Your surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for tummy, buttocks, and breast surgery. Avoid discounted BBL surgery, as this is often an indication that the surgeon may not have the required training, experience, and surgical facilities.

    BBL is not covered by medical insurance because it is not considered medically necessary. Many cosmetic surgeons offer payment plans or financing.

  • What are the risks?

    BBL surgery has some of the highest incidences of post-op complications, such dents, lumps, trenches, slumps, and irregular contours. For this reason, it is generally considered higher risk than other cosmetic procedures. Most complications are due to improper techniques and safety precautions. All things considered, though, BBL is the safest way to alter the shape of your buttocks. The procedure uses your own fat, rather than silicone implants. There is very little scarring, and in most cases, it won’t be noticeable.

    There are also concerns about the growing number of deaths due to pulmonary fat embolism. This involves fat cells entering the bloodstream, and blocking the flow of blood to the lungs. These cases were investigated and found to be related to fat cells being injected into the muscle tissue instead of the subcutaneous layer above the fascia. Fat injections into the buttocks are safe when the procedure is performed properly.

  • What procedures can be done at the same time as a BBL?

    A tummy tuck and breast augmentation are the most popular surgeries that can be combined with a BBL. This combination may be referred to as a Mommy Makeover. Combing procedures into a single surgical appointment has many benefits. The cost may be lower, and you only have a one recovery period. However, the recovery may be more complex when you have multiple procedures at the same time. Speak with your surgeon about the advantages and disadvantages of combining surgeries.

  • Are there any alternatives to a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    Butt augmentation is very popular, and BBL surgery isn’t the only option. Other popular butt augmentation procedures are:

    • Silicone butt implants: This is a more invasive, higher risk surgery than a Brazilian butt lift. It involves the use of silicone implants. There is a long-term risk of implant displacement where the implants move out of place, resulting in the need for further surgery.
    • Liposuction: This popular option involves removing excess fat from the buttocks to a rounder appearance. The procedure is focused on the removal of fat; therefore, it does not involve fat transfer that is used for a Brazilian butt lift.
    • Butt lift or butt tuck: A butt lift (done from above), or a butt tuck (done from below) offers good results for patients who have lost a lot of weight and now have excessive sagging skin. The skin is surgically removed to create a smoother experience.
    • Sculptra® butt lift: Sculptra® is a dermal filler that adds volume to the skin. It is most often used for anti-aging in the face to restore a more youthful look appearance. Sculptra® can be used to add volume to the buttock area.
    • Emsculpt®: This non-surgical treatment uses electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles in your buttocks up to 20,000 times per minute for accelerated toning and firming.

    There are some cases where silicone or hydrogel injections have been used for a butt lift. These procedures are usually administered by non-board-certified doctors and do not deliver the same results (although they are significantly cheaper). They should be avoided because they have serious side effects and a higher risk of complications, including death. Choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in New York, NY who specializes in buttocks augmentation surgery for your BBL procedure.

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