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Dr. Yoho is exceedingly well trained and qualified, and passed the boards by the American Board of Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Laser Surgery, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery as well as the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Additionally, Dr. Yoho passed the boards in Emergency Medicine, The American Board of Emergency Medicine, an additional safety factor for his patients. He has a solo practice in an Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) certified facility (see Understanding Board Certification for more information). Dr. Yoho has published over 20 articles for physicians in medical journals and frequently speaks at international cosmetic surgery meetings. He has published lead articles in both Dermatologic Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the most prestigious journals in cosmetic surgery.

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  • I’ve been Dr. Yoho's patient for the past 15 yrs.

    Reiki Master Kate · Google review
    March 2019

    In that span of time, he has performed 5 procedures for me, all of which have contributed to a greater sense of self-worth & emotional well being as well as produced aesthetically pleasing results.

    In Dec 2004, I traveled to Dr. Yoho's office requesting liposuction of the waist, thighs, rear, etc. after having read his book, A New Body in One Day. The waist was particularly important to me as my 1st boyfriend whom I'd been with for 9 years had always told me I'd had a "tree trunk" shaped waist. Though we'd parted ways a year prior to that, those words had stayed with me, & I did think I could benefit from a more "hourglass," feminine figure.

    The liposuction results were amazing. It was true - like magic - Dr. Yoho had done it. As promised, I had A NEW BODY IN ONE DAY. 15 years later, the body contouring he performed has lasted and remains fantastic.

    In 1/2008, I returned to Dr. Yoho for a breast augmentation. We elected at the time to do silicone implants over the muscle. I wanted my breasts to be significantly larger so I requested a D cup. However, knowing I led an extremely active lifestyle, Nurse Judy recommended for this reason we only increase my breast size to a full C cup. 2 children, 10 half marathons, & 1 full marathon later, I am so grateful for her counseling & that I took her advice.

    The results of my breast augmentation were more than impressive! They looked & felt natural, & for the 1st time I felt confident wearing swimsuits. I didn't feel as though I was physically lacking anywhere anymore, & I know (per my husband) many individuals who met me after surgery did not know they were not my God-given breasts (a compliment to my doctor for sure).

    In 9/2011 I came to Dr. Yoho's office for C02 fractional laser skin resurfacing. This procedure greatly improved my overall skin texture/some acne scarring on my face I had from when I was a teenager. So much so that he helped me achieve yet another 1st in my life. After this laser treatment, I was able to leave my home for the 1st time without wearing my foundation. On the surface, this may not sound like a big deal, but to me, this was HUGE! Before, I wouldn't even go to the gym or go for a run around my neighborhood without wearing it.

    I had 2 children before coming back to the office again in 2/2016, & with my pregnancies came varicose vein/spider vein problems like I had never experienced before. I had spoken with a couple of vascular clinics here in Scottsdale, Arizona, regarding this problem prior to taking the flight to California to see my favorite doctor again. These vascular surgeons quoted me thousands to fix my problem & that only after I jumped through several hoops. They wanted me to come in for a consultation, get an ultrasound of my legs, & wear a compression garment for 3 months before even trying any treatment. NOT Dr. Yoho! NO - he not only improved the appearance of my legs for MUCH LESS with a few injections, but he did it then & there. No ultrasound needed, no compression garment purchase required, no 3-month wait, & once again an exemplary result!

    This brings me to my most recent surgical procedure performed on 5/5/2016. I had my breast implants replaced with larger implants (this time under the muscle). At a different place in my life now, Dr. Yoho agreed I was ready to have the D cup size I had always wanted. It’s been nearly a year since my procedure, & the end result has been equally incredible.

    In conclusion, I just want to emphasize when you walk into Dr. Yoho’s practice, you will experience a level of professionalism unmatched in the industry combined with a feeling of warmth which genuinely makes you feel like a part of the Yoho family. Dr. Yoho is not only a stellar surgeon, but he also operates with true honesty & integrity. I wouldn't be the person I am today without him, & I speak from the heart when I tell you that I trust him with my body & my life. Call Dr. Yoho - you will not be sorry. I guarantee it. Feel free to ask me about any procedure. Instagram - @reikimasterkate

  • I went in for liposuction on my stomach, back,hips and fat transfer to my buttocks.

    Dolores O. · Yelp review
    September 2018

    Dr Yoho and ( nurse) Judy we're very nice and helped me so much with my...

  • I even don't know how this person got DR degree!

    Nikki Jonse · Google review
    May 2018

    He was googleing to how to do Botox on face !! such a joke ! please do not waste your time to go to his office.

  • Dr. Yaho and Judy totally changed my life, they where game changers, in 2016 i had a tummy tuck and my breast done, and last July 2017 I had a liposuction with a fat transfer, I am planning on going back for some more liposuction later on this year, they are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone...

    Vanessa Espinoza · Google review
    April 2018

  • Love, love Dr. Yoho, his wife and staff!

    Slim Rg · Google review
    September 2017

    Always so welcoming. His made my life changed, hoping to return back for more!

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Breast Augmentation 1 51 837
Facelift 1 66 859
Chin Augmentation 3 43
Jowl Treatment 1 4 2 3
Breast Lift 1 48
Hair Transplant 4