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As we age the skin and soft tissue in our face loses elasticity, and eyebrows begin to droop. Lower eyebrows can accentuate the signs of aging make us appear tired, sad or angry. A brow lift can be used to raise the eyebrow thereby restoring a refreshed, youthful-looking appearance and are often combined with other procedures such as a facelift or eyelid lift (blepharoplasty).


What is a brow lift?

Brow lifts, also referred to as forehead lifts or forehead rejuvenation, are a popular surgical procedure used to correct sagging or asymmetrical eyebrows by raising the forehead. They’re also effective in smoothing forehead lines and wrinkles (depending on the type of brow lift).

There are many different types of brow lifts and, while results are long-lasting, they are not permanent as your face will continue to lose skin elasticity as you age. Some techniques are more invasive than others, and the right choice will depend on your specific needs. The procedure is helpful for those with deep forehead lines as well as for those with low-set brows.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Brow Lift


  • Smooths deep frown lines
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Longer-lasting results compared to injectables
  • Short surgery (1 to 2 hours)
  • Minimal side effects



  • Some scarring, although newer procedures are much less invasive and most scars are hidden in the hairline
  • Numbness may occur if you have had a coronal brow lift
  • There is a chance of hair loss around the incision sites
  • Aging continues, and the results will last under 10 years


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked Brow Lift questions in Tukwila, WA:


What are the different types of brow lifts?

Surgical brow lifts tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and make your eyes look bigger so you appear younger, but there are different types of brow lifts to consider and the best choice will depend on the type of look you want, as well as your hairline.


Coronal Brow Lift

This is the oldest type of brow lift that is still used and involves a single incision made from ear to ear along the top of your scalp. It is a good option if you have a smaller forehead and wish to lift your hairline, but there is a risk of nerve damage which causes facial numbness which is why it is not as popular as endoscopic lifts. But it is more effective for adjusting asymmetrical eyebrows, adjusting the length of the forehead, and for correcting deep frown lines.


Endoscopic Brow Lift

This is the procedure favoured by most surgeons as it is less invasive requiring only a series of small incisions. They will make four to five incisions behind the hairline, then, using a small endoscope with a camera, the surgeon is able to view and, from there make further incision to pull and lift forehead tissue. This means that nerves close to the eyebrows can be avoided and, because incisions are minimal, patients experience less pain, recover quicker and don’t experience numbness.

An endoscopic brow lift can’t be used for treating horizontal wrinkles or asymmetrical eyebrows and will not be a good fit if you have skin laxity.


Temporal Brow Lift

Also referred to as a lateral brow lift or limited incision lift, this is a brow lift technique that only addresses the outer third of the eyebrows (not the full brow area). It is primarily the lateral brow that begins to droop as we age, and it is this drooping that is addressed by the temporal brow lift The procedure is often combined with an upper eyelid lift as the same incisions can be used to lift the area between the brows, smoothing out frown lines. The incisions are slightly larger than with an endoscopic lift, and are placed immediately behind the hairline. It’s a low risk procedure with a shorter recovery time, but the results aren’t as dramatic.


Trans-Blepharoplasty Brow Lift

A trans-blepharoplasty brow lift is similar to a temporal brow lift where the brow is lifted through a blepharoplasty eyelid incision. This is considered a minimally invasive technique and is associated with shorter recovery times.


Trichophytic Brow Lift

This is a popular option for patients who have higher hairlines as it involves the removal of a portion of forehead skin to lift the eyebrows using an incision made behind the hairline so that the hair grows through it, thereby camouflaging any scarring.



This is a relatively new procedure that is used to raise the brow slightly, and is usually done in combination with an eyelid lift. There are two types:

  • Internal browpexy – small incisions are made into the upper eyelid, and excess tissue and muscle is removed from the brow bone to lift the area.
  • External browpexy – the incision is made over the eyebrow and excess tissue and muscle is removed.

The brow is then secured in place with sutures. Scarring is minimal and a browpexy offers a significantly more affordable alternative to other brow lift procedures.


What can I expect from the surgery?

Your surgeon will decide on the best brow lift procedure for your needs based on your facial structure and your desired outcomes. Factors that will help to determine the right option for your needs includes whether you have asymmetrical brows, deep horizontal lines, your forehead height and the colour and type of hair that you have.


As all procedures involve incisions and lifting of the skin (although the size and location will vary), you will be sedated for the duration of the treatment. Most techniques will take under two hours and you can go home the same day after a short time in recovery but you will need someone to drive you home.


What is the recovery period like?

After brow lift surgery, you will need to take around two weeks off work to recover. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication, although the pain associated with a brow lift procedure is typically minimal.

You can expect to feel some swelling and bruising, and it’s likely that you surgeon will recommend the use of cold compresses. Any dressings that have been applied to the area can be removed after a day or two. If sutures need to be removed, they will come out a week or so after the procedure. Keep your head elevated, and avoid moving around to much for the first week. Exercise should be avoided for the first month.

Recovery will take around two to three weeks and, as your body heals, the scars will not usually be noticeable. The results are immediate so you may have a surprised expression for the first few weeks which will settle into a more natural position as time passes.

If you have had a coronal lift, you may experience some numbness on your scalp which usually will go away within a few months.


How long does a forehead lift last?

An endoscopic browlift lasts around five years or less while an endo-temporal lift can last between five and seven years. The longest-lasting results are from a coronal (hairline) browlift which last over ten years. You may need an additional brow lift after a few years as your skin continues to be affected by the aging process.


Are there any risks?

The risks involved with a forehead lift are considered low but there may be some visible scarring, temporary or permanent numbness, brow asymmetry (this tends to even out during the healing process) and hair loss at the incision site. Other side effects include hematoma, nausea and vomiting from the anesthetic, as well as an increased risk of infection or nerve damage.


What is the best age for a brow lift?

Most people opt for a brow lift are between the age of 40 and 65, but the procedure is often performed on younger patients who have heavy brows or pronounced furrowing between the brows.


What is the cost of a brow lift?

As brow lifts are a cosmetic procedure they are not covered by health insurance and so the cost of the treatment is often an important factor for those considering the procedure. In Tukwila, WA the cost of a forehead lift is around $4,000, although the total cost will depend on the cosmetic surgeon you choose, the procedure technique they use, costs of anesthesia, and the medical facilities.


Are there alternatives to a brow lift?

Brow lifts are often performed in conjunction with an upper eyelid lift and/or a facelift as each procedure targets a different area of the face, but are all done with the intention of creating a more youthful aesthetic. When multiple procedures are performed simultaneously there is usually a cost saving, although there will be a longer downtime.

A non-surgical alternative to a brow lift is Botox injections that paralyze the muscles in your forehead. This treatment erases fine lines and wrinkles, prevents the formation of new lines and raises the ends of your eyebrows. The results are more subtle, but also only last for a few months as it is a non-permanent solution.

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